On the far left is the baker's cabinet we used to have in our kitchen in Rockford. The deal is, Su-Ly uses everything below the top, which includes storage for PJ's training pants and wipes and such, and I get to use the top for printer & scanner.

The purple box on the right is an HP B2000 running HP/UX 11v1 and Oracle 9i; I work for an HP VAR and it helps to have an HP9000 available for testing and also for certification studying.

The grey box to the left of the monitor is an HP Pavilion 6545C running Windows. Mainly used nowadays for Christina's computer games. Sometimes used for developing small admin software pieces in RubyScript2Exe or C for clients with Windows machines.

The IBM Thinkpad T22 laptop on the right is mainly used for work, it runs Ubuntu GNU/Linux 7.04 and also Vmware Workstation 5.5 including a vm with Windows 2000 Pro. It acts a serial terminal to configure things, and also as development platform for my clients: shell scripting, SQL, Java/J2EE, Ruby, C/C++, Perl, PHP, Python and whatever else they want!

The black workstation under the left side of the desk is my main machine, a Dell Precision 530MT running Ubuntu GNU/Linux 7.04. Besides Ruby and C/C++ development, it also is the main server for files, printing, scanning, usb camera.

For a history of computers which I've owned or used at work, see the history page. Fun to see how machines have grown in speed, storage and memory over the years!

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