The box with gray side and black front to the right of the monitor is an HP t5730 thin client that runs OpenBSD, it hosts the domain and is also the IPv6 gateway and firewall. Under the desk to the left is my Linux Mint 13 workstation with 6 core CPU and 16GB RAM . In VMWare workstation it also runs Windows XP, Windows 7 Pro, Debian 6 and OpenBSD.

Wireless router on bookcase is for my and Christina's laptops, my Republic Wireless cell phone (does VOIP over wifi when it can), and our Zenithink ZT280 C91 Android tablet (also mainly used by Christina).

Gigabit ethernet switch on DVD writer connects my computer, Peter's Linux workstation (loooong cable down hall), wife's iMac, HP thin client acting as domain server, and wireless router.
HP Officejet 6330 is on file cabinet (chosen because works with Linux)

For a history of computers which I've owned, see the history page. Fun to see how machines have grown in speed, storage and memory over the years!

For computer lab at earlier locations, there is Wheeling (2004 - 2012) and Rockford (2001 - 2004) . One week in September of 2002 the Rockford lab went to the birds

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