Rockford Illinois, September 2002:

Kevin inherited two peach-faced lovebirds in 1996. His sister bought them thinking they were like lovebirds in cartoons. In reality, they are vicious and agressive and like to play by biting HARD with their sharp beaks. So actually they are a cool bachelor's pet. We're babysitting them for one week while Kevin travels on business.

Obituaries both for the Ides of March:

Shy Prince died at age 9 on March 14, 2004.
Assertive and outgoing Mozart, hatched March 15, 1995, passed away March 15, 2013 at age 18.

Our sympathies go to Kevin for the loss of his little feathered friends. They will be missed by the Siegler family.

Mozart on lat machine bar

Careful Christina, she bites!

Mozart takes the command chair

Dance on the HP computer - surface curved and smooth so she kept sliding sideways!

Bird in the cabling

Mozart and Prince. Can't tell male from female without DNA test or observing egg laying, even by experts. So Mozart turned out to be a girl, and Prince was originally named Princess!

Processing an index card - she zips along edge with her sharp beak making a strip, then puts strip in tailfeathers. In the wild the next action would be to fly away and make a nest. To the right you can see a little of Prince, mostly he just hides in the coconut

A bird on the shoulder is worth two in the bush. Note I'm wearing yellow leather gloves because they play rough!

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Original 10 September 2002
Updated 15 March 2004
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